Meet the Magician


There is no denying that Zoltan Torkos is a dynamic person.  A forth generation magician, he performs in a realm beyond playing cards and rabbits in hats.  He brings magic to the art of surfing and a passion for change that is rare and sincere.  Born and raised in Santa Cruz, Zoltan recently made international headlines as the first person to be filmed successfully completing a kickflip while surfing.

Dubbed the Reimer Flip by Torkos- the trick not only caught the attention of surfers, it sent shockwaves throughout the sports world and fulfilled a personal commitment Zoltan made to his dear friend Carl Reimer who lost his life to the harsh realities of gang warfare.  This event played the greatest role in Zoltan’s resolution to actively pursue an end to senseless violence in his community and communities at large.  He has adopted the phrase, “pull tricks, not triggers,” to describe his feelings on the positive roles of sports like surfing and skating in the lives of young people.  His true desire is to see these sports foster a healthy and positive community that shelters younger generations from following damaging lifestyles.

The Magician’s goals are threefold.  First, to revolutionize surfing by the incorporation of inventive new tricks and styles adapted from skateboarding (such as his now famous kickflip, as well as his darkslide and pop shove-it.)  He hopes to earn surfing a place in the mainstream, as popular as baseball or basketball, by gaining new audiences and participants excited about this amazing sport.  Last, though certainly not least, he hopes to give back to the community that has helped him along the way and is so close to his heart.

Zoltan recently completed a jet ski trip from Oregon to Mexico fighting plastic pollution.  And by teaching kids to pull tricks and not triggers, he hopes to play a role in moving young people away from violence and towards real community.

A special person both in and out of the water, Zoltan Torkos’s enthusiasm for his endeavors is matched only by his authenticity in his desire to affect positive change.


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Total YouTube views: 1.4 million

When featured on ESPN’s Sports Nation, Zoltan’s Kickflip was voted more impressive than the LA Laker’s wining streak.

Zoltan Torkos and his Kickflip was one of the top three Googled surf terms.

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World Record Holding Surfer Magician and Wake Surfer